Future Issues: Call for Contributions

Issue 5: The State of Comparative Theology

Our fifth issue (January 2023) will focus on the theme “The State of Comparative Theology.” We welcome inquiries (at theologyandsocietymagazine@gmail.com) about proposed contributions up until December 15, 2022, especially on topics related to our three main focuses (theology and the sciences, interreligious relations, and social or political issues). We publish articles of up to 1000 words, reviews of up to 750 words, and interviews or profiles of up to 2000 words. We will consider publishing short replies to pieces from previous issues. Please see our style guide for guidance on what we are seeking in pieces.

Suggested topics on the state of comparative theology include (but are not limited to): comparative research on emotions, challenges to definitions of “theology” in comparative perspectives, political implications of comparative theologies, and new methodologies in comparative theology.