Issue 2: Theologies of Belonging

Issue two of Theology and Society (March 2022) offers several perspectives on theologies of belonging. Through articles, interviews, and reviews, we are presenting approaches to this theme through personal, communal, and political lenses. Authors, interviewees, and reviewers in this issue show connections between theologies of belonging and a variety of academic disciplines and cultural contexts. Thank you for reading.

Living in a World of Illusions: A Hong Kongese Reflection on Race

Calida Chu writes about the “distorted mirror” of internalised racism among Hong Kongese diaspora Christians.

Ste. Madeleine: The Haunting of Settler Memory


Ryan Turnbull writes about the displacement and misremembering of an indigenous community by Canadian settler society.

Jayeel Cornelio on Faith and Belonging in the Philippines


Contributing editor Evan Kuehn interviewed sociologist Jayeel Cornelio about his research on religion, youth, institutions, and politics in the Philippines.

The Virtue of Nationalism (by Yoram Hazony)

Managing editor Stephen Waldron reviewed Yoram Hazony’s 2018 book The Virtue of Nationalism.

Space and Place (by Yi-Fu Tuan)

Caleb Gordon reviewed Yi-Fu Tuan’s 1977 book Space and Place.